Best iOS Spy App to Spy on iPhone 12 mini (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

I bought iPhone 12 mini for my daughter, she is a beautiful and kind girl. She likes to make friends through social Apps. This is what I am worried about. I can’t know who she is close to. After all, the network world is virtual and there are many potential risks. So before I give her the iPhone 12 mini, I want to install a spyware onto it. I hope you can recommend best iOS spy app to me. I don’t know much about electronic products. I hope to get the simplest solution.

The iPhone 12 mini is a smaller, cheaper version of Apple’s flagship 5G device. It has a 5.4-inch screen that seems like it will be easy to use one-handed. That screen is also an OLED display that takes up most of the front of the phone. Those two things are all we really need. At the moment, the main uses of 5G are downloading music, movies and games on the fly, or streaming them straight from the web onto your phone. You’d expect these are tasks that work well with big-screen phones, as the extra display real estate would let you see media better. If you plan to get a iOS 14 spy app for monitoring someone’s iPhone 12 mini, you come to the right place. I’ll share the top iPhone 12 mini spyware with you.

  • iOS Spyware for iPhone is available but on the other side, each manufacturer regulates on what sort of devices and features they will update following the schedule.
  • Tracking apps users are desperately trying to hide the installation icon on the un-rooted device. The top iOS 14 spy apps available on the web remain helpless to hide the icon but our iPhone spy app has managed to find the solution very after the latest iOS 14 came in.
  • So, we are the first mobile spy product that No Jailbreak & No App Installation. So, the user can secretly track iPhone 12 mini without being detected.

iPhone 12 mini Spy App (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

iPhone 12 mini spy app may have become the most wanted spy app for parents since the pre orders of latest iPhone 12 mini started on 13 October 2020, which is also available from third-party carriers and stores. From November 15, 2020, the most advanced smartphone will be shipped to these young Apple fans who can’t wait to play the new iOS device. As a result, is it necessary for parents to use an spy app for iPhone 12 mini to monitor and control kid’s iPhone 12 mini usage? What is the most appropriate iPhone 12 mini spy app?

If you are worried that the new features of iPhone 12 mini will draw all the attentions of children, you can try our best iPhone tracking app to keep an eye on their iPhone 12 mini activities secretly. This iOS 14 spy app allows you to monitor everything conducted on the target iPhone 12 mini, such as all the keystrokes inputted, including usernames and passwords, typed email content, chat logs in social media apps like WhatsApp/Twitter/Hike/Skype, SMS messages. Besides, iPhone 12 mini tracking app captures screenshots of iPhone 12 mini, visually showing you what children are doing on their iPhone 12 mini. This iOS spyware will send all the monitoring logs to the control panel so that you can view the logs remotely whenever you want.

Key Features of iPhone 12 mini Spy App

  • Log SMS text messages sent and received on iPhone 12 mini
  • Monitor all WhatsApp conversations on your kid’s iPhone 12 mini
  • Track GPS locations
  • Track website histories
  • Record Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, SnapChat and more messages
  • Backup contacts
  • Control Apps and Programs
  • Record events in calendars/Notes/reminders
  • Record photos and videos in album

How to monitor an iPhone 12 mini remotely?

You can remotely monitor an iOS device using our iCloud spyware that works without jailbreak and doesn’t involve any download or installation but only needs the iCloud credentials of the person who you wish to monitor.

1. You will find that it is very easy to get started with using Cocospy. You simply need to sign up for an account.

2. Get access to the iCloud credentials of the target user and enter it into the app.

3. Once the data is completely synced, open up the Control Panel on your computer and proceed to the dashboard section. It is here that you will see a navigation pane on the left with several options.